Company Profile

Corporate Ethics

To Maintain a Resolute Commitment to Putting the Customer First, Develop our Business, and Contribute to Society

Our corporate philosophy is "to maintain a resolute commitment to putting the customer first, develop our business, and contribute to society." We have put strenuous efforts into running our business based on this philosophy.

In recent years there have been increasing calls for CSR (corporate social responsibility) on the part of companies, and this is something our company regards as an important issue with respect to ensuring its continued development. It is an issue we intend to continue to address in the future as we go about our business.

Specifically, we will undertake corporate activities based on the following Corporate Code of Conduct.

Corporate Code of Conduct

  1. 1 We will pursue customer satisfaction to the maximum possible extent.
  2. 2 We will act with fairness and transparency.
  3. 3 We will contribute to society with a sense of social responsibility.
  4. 4 We will act with integrity as good corporate citizens.
  5. 5 We will act with consideration to environmental conservation.
  6. 6 We will manage corporate data appropriately.
  7. 7 We will act mindful of the importance of protecting personal information.
  8. 8 We will respect the personalities of other employees.
  9. 9 We will always act on the basis of the corporate ethics.