Company Profile

Greeting from President

We cordially announce that we were able to cerebrate 70th anniversary of the foundation.
We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the customers and partners for continued support and cooperation.

Yawata Electric Industrial Co., LTD. was founded in 1951 in Minato City, Tokyo, as a manufacturing company for industrial display, power supply equipment for vehicles, voltage transformer etc.
In the following year, we developed the separate type PA system that has been proven to be the base and it was chosen by private railway companies. It was followed by the approval of the Japan National Railways as a standard for in train on-board PA system and railway companies across Japan selected them one after another.

In 1961 we successfully launched Train Radio Equipment (Inductive) and started delivery to subway companies, including Teito Rapid Transit Authority, also building the factory and making it in full operation in Ota City.
Since then, last half century, we have been developing right products meeting the needs of the times and grown to be a communications system products manufacturer for safe railway operation.

In the recent years, railway is appreciated as a transportation mode that supports "Sustainable Society", friendly to people and the earth.
Furthermore, "safer, more reliable, faster and more comfortable" are key to technology and products for transporting more passengers to their destination with less impacts on the environment.

The Japanese railways systems, including the Shinkansen, operate with extremely high frequency and precision every day.
Attention from across the world to the high technology and quality is also expanding.

The railway systems in Japan have been drawing stronger expectations in a way that could contribute in supporting development of many countries, importantly.
To meet these requirements, by taking the advantage of ever progressing ICT technology, we develop ICT communications products, as well as train security compliant or barrier-free equipment.

Looking forward to cerebrating 100th anniversary and beyond that horizon, we will make efforts to achieve "Sustainable Society", all of our members working hand in hand as one team.
We sincerely ask for your extended and continuous support and kind cooperation.

Representative Director and President

Mitsuo Iida