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SDG's-led corporative activities

Yawata Electric Industrial Co., LTD supports
the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).

We try contributing to the safety of railways and achieving the sustainable society along with the requirement of the times.

Corporate Philosophy

To maintain a resolute commitment to putting the customer first, develop our business, and contribute to society

Our commitment

We will make efforts to be a longed company for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's), we enhance working closely with customers, partners and community members.


We contribute to the safety of railways and deliver the products that all customers can feel secured, along with barrier-free and environment-friendly concept.
Meeting the requirement of the times, we will continue to contribute to the achievement of “Sustainable Society”.

Corporate Philosophy

SDG's are not goals in the global society alone but also for business arena.
The railways are with high energy efficiency and relatively low CO2 emission per carriage load volume unit and environment-friendly transportation mode.
We believe improvement of railway superiority toward future and actively involvement in the SDG's lead to the growth of a company that meets customer's needs.
Thereby, to declare our commitment of the SDG's at our 70th anniversary, young members have been involved in the preparation.
With deeper understanding and more vigorous actions for achieving the goals and sustainable development, all the members are ready to work together to achieve the challenging goals.

ESG-led corporative activities

Through the enhancement of ESG (Environment, Society, Governance), we will contribute to the achievement of the SDG's.



Product development with safe and secure concept

With ISO9001 certified, we thereby practice the quality management.
We expand our technology worldwide so that our products can meet the standard of safety and reliability requirement for everyday life.

Employee-friendly corporate culture upgrade

Through efficiency improvement and health management, we will make continuous efforts to realize a-work-and-life-balanced corporate culture.

Human resource incentives

With improvement of expertise, specialized skills and practices in production and administration, we will ever focus on qualitative and quantitative priority.

Environment awareness

Environment-friendly activities

With ISO14001 attested, we thereby pledge that protects environment;
Pulp consumption
Industrial waste
Leading to efficient and continuous protective actions for environment.
In the railway arena, we will pursue achieving carbon neutral society.


Harmony between stakeholders

By solving the on-going challenges through multilateralism among customers, partners and community members, we upgrade our corporative value.