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System introduction

Creation of variety of network systems, including Ethernet

  • Train on-board PA and Intercom System

    Secure and reliable communications system (Passenger PA function and inter-crew intercom) to support safe railway operation.

  • Automatic PA System

    Provide passenger announcements in multiple languages New services, including “Speech Generation”, “Voice Recognition”, Auto-Translator” system.

  • Train on-board Communications System by Smart Phone

    Crew supporting system by Smart Phone in on-board PA, inter-crew intercom, emergency alert communications and camera image viewing.

  • Emergency Alarm System

    To notify emergency status in the train to crew members

  • Front Recording Camera System

    Recording and monitoring of the front view

  • Severance Camera Systems for Railway Vehicles

    [In-train Severance Camera System]
    Deter dangerous behaviors and enhance in train security
    [Vehicle Side-check and Platform Surveillance Camera System]
    To confirm safety condition on platform by images (Image recognition by AI)

  • Entertainment Contents Delivery System

    Deliver passengers video contents and music for comfortable journey

  • Train Radio System (Inductive)

    Communication between a train and an operation control center / Emergency alert from the train to the operation control center and the power control center / Protective alert between trains as well as multi-lateral data control and emergency communications among train and ground facility is also possible.